Arne Van Kauter

Belgian developer
at Superhero Cheesecake in Amsterdam.

Previously at Hello Monday in New York, Aarhus & Copenhagen.

I had the pleasure working with clients such as

Google Research, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, Lego,

& many more.

Residente Home Image
Residente Home Hover
Residente Lines
Residente Wireframe
Residente Images
Residente Video

Rene Perez, aka Residente, is an award winning rapper from Puerto Rico. He creates music depending on peoples their heretages. Residente believes that no matter where you are from, deep down, we are all human and connected. After taking a DNA test, Rene travelled around the world to talk with people and make music with them.

At Hello Monday, we created an interactive exploration, where the user can follow Residente his journey. The map on the homepage is inspired, just like Residente, on real life examples as for example passport stamps and depth maps.

The site tracks each user through time and space, which creates an interactive map of the people that visited the website before you. Each user can add a message to its check in, so it feels that we are all connected through the site.

Inside of a journey, you can find music videos, images and audio snippets where Residente is talking to locals or making music with their instruments.

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Essential Home
Essential Accessoire
Essential Phones
Essential About
Essential Exploded
Essential Product

Andy Rubin, the original creator of Android, reached out to Hello Monday announcing he is founding Essential, a new company that is launching two new devices: a new smart phone and an intelligent home device.

We created a site to showcase their products together with the small team that is behind Essential. The project had a very tight deadline, we had to make sure designers, developers and everybody in between was on the same level by using prototype tools like Principle, Invision, Zeplin and even After Effects.

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Tnc About
Tnc Home
Tnc Chapter
Tnc Themes
Tnc Small Chapter
Tnc Chapter Text

The Nature Conservancy of California, one of the world’s most influential and reliable nonprofit organisations, reached out to Hello Monday for a redesign of their website, where they can showcase their amazing stories to make an even bigger impact.

The site is divided into campaigns, and because all this amazing content from The Nature Conservancy could be bit overwhelming, we divided the campaigns into chapters that are build in a modular system. This way the client can add images, videos, text, infographics and quotes in a dynamic way.

Each chapters has a color theme, so the message can be brought in the subject of the campaign.

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Wove Design
Wove Sketch
Wove Apply
Wove Menu
Wove Transition
Wove Showcase
Wove Teaser

Wove is the world’s first wearable band with flexible display technology, and at Hello Monday, we launched a teaser website where almost 10 000 people signed up for beta access, and a complete website will all features of this new technology device.

We divided the site into 7 features of the Wove, when you navigate from one to another, you move through a circle, which is a reference to the logo and the flexible technology. The project was a close collaboration between designers, developers and 3D artists for rendering the amazing product from Wove.

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Nasa Home
Nasa Wireframe
Nasa Missions
Nasa Module
Nasa Design Tryout 2
Nasa Design Tryout

At Hello Monday, we helped Nasa launching Astrobiology. A new home where you can follow Nasa their search for life in the universe.

To be on the same level as the client, annotations on wireframes can help making sure your idea gets through, from these sketches the idea also came to create a modular system where Nasa can add individual blocks to make the site a dynamic piece.

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Sideways Home
Sideways Search Typing
Sideways Detail Page
Sideways Add
Sideway About

Hello Monday teamed up with Jigsaw & The Washington Post to create Sideways Dictionary, a new way to explaining words from the new technology world we live in.

When you start typing, a list of possible terms shows up. Each term has multiple analogies or descriptions, that are written in a simple, human language. When you have an idea to explain a term, you can add your own analogy.

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F U L L   S I T E

I also work on sideprojects together with my friends, like for example

Poolside.fm, Foreignrap,
Kejser Home
Kejser Blog
Kejser Portfolio
Kejser Detail
Kejser About

Kejser & Sultan is a Danish design duo focusing on design & interior projects.
Together with my close friends Nikolaj Schmidt & Frederik Øst, we created a site where they can publish their amazing projects.

The site includes a blog section, where Kejser & Sultan can add work in progress, tryouts or random photos, while the portfolio section is a showcase of their finished creations.

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Bendy Posters
Bendy Sketch
Bendy Intro
Bendy Cart
Bendy Buying
Bendy Desktop

When Hello Monday celebrated their 10th anniversary, we created a poster series with a fictional character called 'Bendy'. It started out of a simple sketch, and is a metaphor that people are sometimes with their head in their behinds, not watching the world what is happening around them.

We created a mobile only experience where we force the user to literally bend to enter the website, based on the gyroscope of the device (you should try it out). After the bend, you could order the posters inside the webshop. Illustrations are made by my talented friend Jérôme Bodin.

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Elisa Home
Elisa Home Distored
Elisa Detail
Elisa About

Together with Gaia Van der Zeyp, we created a portfolio for Elisa Barbadoro, an all round creative. Elisa has many different focusses that blend together, and this comes back to her portfolio by distorting her images by an interactive WebGL effect.

On her project detail page, Elisa can add small slogans that can group images.

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